अगर आप अपने भोजन में कैल्शियम युक्त भोजन नहीं लेते तो आपके घुटने कुछ ही दिनों में कमजोर हो जाएंगे। अगर घुटना किसी भी प्रकार से क्षतिग्… Read More

इसके उपाय स्वरुप किसानों और कृषक परिवारों को अपने घरों में भगवान् दोर्जी शुगदेन की मूर्ति स्थापित करने चाहिए और उचित पूजा-अर्चना करन… Read More

argument), from The inner witness of conscience into the supremacy of the moral regulation, and, consequently, to the existence of a supreme Lawgiver (This can be called the moral” But evidence of God is just not possible, not in any meaningful way. You can not show your existence if you are further than existence alone. Which is like making an a… Read More

A circumstance is a list of phrases as well as their fixed Attributes and relations that as a whole may be distinguished from other this kind of sets and recognized with alone. A adjust is a relation between an ordered pair of distinguishable situation which is outlined by The 2 conditions that it relates. An result is often a adjust that could … Read More